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100% Bovine Collagen!

Adding a Collagen Supplement to diet can have untold benefits for hair, skin, nails, joints and digestive health. Souvie Collagen is formulated from Grass Fed Bovine to create pure collagen peptides. Since collagen is essential for our well-being  at all ages especially after age 25.  

We created an easy way to incorporate it into a healthy lifestyle.Simply add one scoop of Souvie into any liquid stir until dissolved. Souvie collagen gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, and free of all artificial colours, flavours, and preserves.   

  • Natural & Non-GMO
  • Sourced from Grass Fed, Pasture Raised Bovine
  • Sugar, Gluten, Dairy, & Soy Free
  • Perfect for Paleo and Ketogenic Diets
  • Easily dissolves in hot or cold liquids
  • Numerous benefits for your skin, hair, nails, joints, & more!


500G/ 100 Serving per Container 


Mix into: Smoothies, Yogurt, Coffee, Tea and More!